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Crucible contracts some of the best - and best-known - travel and lifestyle writers in Australia, right alongside some of the industry's most experienced magazine and content editors. If your brand needs a fresh voice, a custom-made publication designed and commissioned, or your digital presence needs the professional touch, we can help you. We are also highly experienced at end-to-end brochure production, from product team liaison and tour itineraries through to picture editing and final retouching. From travel and lifestyle to real estate, academic institutions, healthcare and membership organisations,
we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional content.



This is a world in which content is king. Every brand needs a holistic suite
of visual content that brings its message to the world, and we have the professional photographers, video and TV producers on our books to bring
it together. Our TV and video contractors come from Australia's major commercial channels, alumni of some of the country's favourite TV shows.
Get a bird's eye view of your product, or a sweeping cinematic pan of your destination thanks to our drone specialists - with more than 80% of your competitors using video as part of their social and media strategy, and mobile video consumption rising by 100% every year, you can't afford not to. 



Get an expert opinion on your overall content strategy with a detailed content health check; save time and money with a holistic, bespoke monthly content map and style guide so your own team can simply follow the steps toward a more professional social and digital look. Our top designers and original illustrators can help you ace your branding, from a logo re-design through to a cross-channel campaign. If you're thinking of experimenting with a multi-brand collaboration, we can help with innovative ideas to take your brand in a fresh direction. And the popular one-to-one content coaching with our managing director, Jac Taylor, gets straight to the heart of what you want to achieve by allowing you to ask the right questions at the right time for you.

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When you just want a media release done right, come to the team with combined decades of experience in travel, lifestyle, real estate, academic institutions, healthcare and membership organisations. Likewise, our rather unique blend of experience means we have several within our team who are ideal famil organisers and hosts. Maximise your ROI by getting us to curate your guest list with our unbeatable Little Black Book. Or benefit from our on-the-ground know-how of locations around the world, and experience researching and producing TV and video globally, to make any project run seamlessly with our location fixing service.

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