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Beware of monotony;
it's the mother of all the deadly sins.

~ Edith Wharton


Here at Crucible,
we empower brands like yours
to tell your story, reach your tribe,
and create a lasting bond.

Words and pictures have never been so powerful.

Our full range of creative services translates your comms goals
and marketing KPIs into something evocative, entertaining and engaging.
Our strategies bring your brand identity into sharp focus, giving you 
front-of-mind status with 'your' people. 

From travel and lifestyle to real estate, academic institutions,
healthcare and membership organisations
for-purpose and government organisations,
we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional content,
and due to expansion, we are opening our books
to a few more clients this year.

What we do


Because you want people to know who you are
and what your brand stands for.

Because everyone is talking about ‘content’ 
but you don’t know where to start.

Because you want to start dreaming bigger,
delivering more creative content,
scaling up your audience engagement and
putting together campaigns with a wider scope.

Whatever you dream up, we can deliver.

Clean Bubbles
The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.
~ Marketoonist


We are not an advertising agency.

If you want to persuade someone to make a one-off purchase,
place an advertorial. Your ROI is instant – but short term.  

If you want to form a lasting brand relationship with someone,
however, content is your answer.

We make content that nurtures relationships and engagement.
It makes people sign up to your newsletter, like your Facebook
and Instagram pages, listen out for news about you and
talk to other people about you.


It makes them become part of your community. 

If you are a member organisation, it gives your members
pleasure and pride to identify with your brand.

An advertorial message can make people switch off.
But great content, crafted with an authentic editorial feel,
makes people switch on and light up.

A brand that engages on an emotional level is a brand that
retains customers in the long term. It makes the sales process
effortless and pleasurable, personal and long lasting.

With content, you don’t just make sales... 
you make ambassadors.

Color Stain


We simply have unbeatable contacts and experience, so we can curate
for you a dream team of some of the biggest names in the media industry.

Just tell us what you need - or let us put together a strategy for you.


Our creative services on call include: 

  • Award-winning journalists 

  • Copywriters

  • Graphic designers 

  • Native content writers + producers

  • TV/video producers + film crews 

  • Social media/digital gurus 

  • Brand strategists

  • Editors + proofreaders

  • Drone operators 

  • Medical, academic and other
    industry-specific writers 

  • Podcast producers

Our 'little black book' of contacts is our greatest asset.

We have spent years gathering together seasoned experts with the highest editorial credibility and decades of experience, right through
to agile digital natives who can offer a competitive price.
And contractors can enter our books by invitation only.

Abstract Lights


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nrma logo_edited.jpg

We are working with industry-leading clients, delivering special event-long projects,
brand relaunches, website copywriting and blogging, social campaigns,
and year-on-year content partnerships - taking care of all publishing,
internal and external comms as required.  

We work with marketing departments, public relations agencies,
business owners and operators, and communications teams. 

It takes two flints to make a fire.
~ Louisa May Allcott
What we offer

brand experience



Brochure production

Commercial copywriting

Editorial/native content writing


Client publishing


Bespoke magazine production

Website/digital copywriting

Web blogging

EDM/newsletter production

Menu writing & proofing



Product & location photography

Promotional/talent photography

Destination videos

Branded videos

Social media video

Drone video/photography

Menu photography


Detailed content health checks 


Content strategy


One-on-one content coaching​


Social media strategy


Logo/branding design


Social media design


Branding collabs/BDM



Location fixing & famil hosting

Media releases

Candy Stripes

AGENCY = budget blowout, RIGHT?

Not every agency is the same.

Think of us more as a collaborative group of experts.

We have come together as a ‘package deal’, knowing you can have 
better value and a more comprehensive offering when we work together, rather than having to hire us one by one.


Together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts. 

If you add up the hours you spend searching out freelance writers,
producers, photographers, etc – then briefing them, checking on them,
doing quality control on what they produce, processing each of their accounts... you'll start to see where the value is in coming to Crucible.


We only use the best creatives, from our carefully curated Little Black Book.
We strategise and organise what you need (and determine what you don't) then we make it happen so you can get back to business.


Because production is what we do - it's all we do. 

We don't have a shiny, expensive office in the CBD. 

We don't have receptionists and rented pot plants
and gigantic photocopiers.

We are an agile group of contractors, many of whom have worked together
for years. We know we work seamlessly and effectively together. 
(And we were collaborating via Zoom before it was cool.) 

You're only paying for what you need,
and nothing you don't. 

Champagne Foam
“The fruit derived from labour is
the sweetest of pleasures.” 
~ Luc de Clapiers 


"Working with Jac has been nothing short of a revelatory delight.
That may sound like a hyperbolic way to refer to a working relationship, but the truth is that Jac is one of those rare people
who is not only immensely good at what she does, but who is
a pleasure to work with at every step of the process.

"Jac is a consummately talented, always professional, delightfully friendly person who makes the impossible and the stressful seem more than manageable, and who will make you look better than
you ever thought possible.”


"The truly refreshing and remarkable thing about Crucible is
their relentless focus on wholistic delivery of a quality product. Brought on for a regionalisation project, the team took the initiative to suggest substantial improvements to our collateral through content and design, and the outcome was a far higher quality piece of work that resonated much more strongly with the target market.

"Crucible’s professional approach and unwavering focus on quality make them my first choice for content." 


"An hour with Jac helped me to visualise my brand strategy far
more clearly, and open myself to some new possibilities. She really helped me to get clarity, without getting bogged down.

"Like the namesake crucible, Jac took my existing ideas and then helped me to distill and refine them into a cohesive brand strategy.

"Her good humour and keen eye for what does and doesn’t
work in consumer communications has given me immediate
ideas to apply to my business.”


How we give back


Let's get started.

Our crack team of content scientists
The bigger the dream,
the more important the team.

~ Robin Sharma

Drop us a line if you have any questions, or if you'd like a chat. 

We're based in Sydney's Inner West. 

Come and visit for the city's best coffee (or craft beer)!

Email, call, or pop in your details below and we'll be in touch.

Managing Director: Jac Taylor

Ph: 0421 013 289

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